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A few things to Know…

Schedule your Session time by the Size of your Family, 15 minutes for Individuals, Couples and Families of 4 or less.  30 minutes for large families (Don’t worry, it won’t take that long!)

The Portrait Session

The Portrait Session will be a fun event (I know you don’t believe me, but please believe me).  We will be doing Fun Posing, Traditional Posing and whatever groupings you want to do!  Mom & Dad with the Kids, Kids alone, Mom with Kids, Dad with Kids… whatever you want!

Immediately following your Portrait Session is your Viewing and Ordering Session.  This is where it make take a while longer as you will need to choose the pose for the Directory but also the Portraits you will want to have in your Home or Give as Gifts.  Black and White Portraits, Browntone or Color we have the options you want!

Clothing or “What should I wear?”

Clothing is a very important ingredient in the creation of Fine Portraiture.  As you can see from our Sample Images on this page, Color Harmony is the Key!  Choose your clothes by their color and style.  You want them all to look good Together… Don’t make one person stand out… an example is everyone in Solids, but Mom’s in Plaid or Polka Dots!  When that happens, the human eye only goes to the person that’s Different.

Solids, long sleeves and earth tones are usually best.  Blues, greys, blacks, browns, burgundy, deeper greens are all great (unless it’s in a Leisure Suit).